The Art of Story Telling

  The Art of Story Telling

Barbara Baptiste’s 12th Grade Class



“They are the tiny packets of information that carry the shape of our shared future. Our beliefs, our values, our identities are all held in the stories we listen to and repeat. That’s how we humans work — we always have.”

  • Curriculum Area:                    Language Arts
  • Subject Area:                             Grammar, Reading, Writing, Journalism, Story Telling
  • Suggested Grade Level(s):  10 – 12
  • Equipment Needed:               Imagination, pencil, paper, computer, text book
  • Focus Question:                      “What is YOUR story?”
  • Introduction:  Video              “A story is a way to connect the dots.”
  • Learning Objectives as follows:

Students will have a good understanding of the English Language

Students will Define objectiveThe 7 Keys of Storytelling: Begin at the End

 Students will use their imagination and creativity

 “Your World-changing message deserves to be heard—really heard.  But, that only happens when you learn to tell a great story!”

Students will learn about responsible Journalism and Blogging

Students will learn the history of Journalism

Students will learn about the different styles of writing

Students will utilize the Web for research,,18701–,00.html

 Let’s re-invent your brand and build a Web Site.  Along the way, you’ll tell the kinds of stories the world is waiting to hear!

  • Students will write their own story—700 word minimum:
  • Good grammar and Paragraph construction
  • Interesting topic of their choice
  • Citing internet research links

Evaluation:  Teacher assistance and directed, hands-on research and computer work with a project rubric to be used to evaluate this Fall Semester-long project.


Literature Flash Cards –

Brain Training –

Short Stories –

The student unearths his/her core story –

TED Talk – Tim BROWN – Creativity and Play

Master Story Teller (TED Talk) Elif Shafak: The Politics of Fiction



 *For Teacher’s purpose:

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