Hannah Barbara

Hello from my world!  I have been away, visiting NJ/NY.  Have not had time to write a post. 

Besides having a mom and sister in Connecticut, my oldest son and three grandchildren live in NJ and my youngest son lives in Manhattan.  Then, of course, there are a gazillion close friends and relatives.  I was able to connect with a few of them. 

I relocated to South Florida eight years ago.  I am most grateful to Indian River State College for giving me the opportunity to return to school and be more than I thought I could be at this stage of life (I graduated this past May with high honors, Journalism).  So, yes, I am blessed by this state, but you can take the girl (euphemism used lightly) out of NJ, but you can’t take NJ out of the girl!  Once a year I need to connect with the mountains–I lived in the northeast tip of NJ, a beautiful area, with the Palisades visible out my back window.  

Right now, doing catch-up!  I have a favor to ask.  My little granddaughter Hannah was in a baby contest for a local Florida Hospital.  All of the children are adorable.  The contest is really based on the number of hits received on the site.  Therefore, I am asking if you would please take the time to vote!  Sometimes just clicking on the below link will work, other times, necessary to copy paste the link in your browser.  The more votes the better.  Passing along would be great.  Also, you can vote once a day.  Thank you so much.  I appreciate. 

xo from Barbara’s World

Go to the home page and then to the Gallery for #112, double click her pic. http://www.floridahospitalcutiecalendar.com/images/imggallery/index.php?path=.%2F
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