Moms do use tablets!!!!
Mind you…The opening to this article is not from my son (Jason Baptiste).  The opening was written by the interviewer…because:  “Yes,” I do have an iPad (compliments of Jason, last year); no, I did not get an iPad MINI this Christmas; and I am NOT techi-“UN”savvy (thankyouverymuch!)  I am, however, waiting on a new, slim Apple “Air”(which I constantly think of and refer to as the “whisperer”…don’t ask, “why?”  Just is…the way this mind thinks, I guess).  🙂  Now, Enjoy the article/interview.  from Barbara’s World…. 
Everyone and their mom (and mine) got a tablet this holiday season. What next? »

The holidays are officially over, and some of you may be returning to work today with a shiny new tablet in hand. It’s already been covered to death that Christmas 2012 was the retail season of th……
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