Isn’t it time: “Gun Safety”



An irony?  Most people own and want guns to keep them safe from people who have guns.   

Admittedly, inbred race bias is an issue, but think about it. The Number One reason why it was orchestrated for George Zimmerman to  receive an acquittal:  “A message for Gun propaganda.”

In the past, yes, lynching was a “message” for a black man. However, think about the real accomplishment. . .A clear message for Pro-gun and “no control” legislature.  It is not and should not be a political issue.  This is our right for the pursuit of happiness, safety in the greatest nation in the world.  Our ancestors fought hard–and people are still fighting all odds–to come to America because our Constitution was designed to protect its citizens, not harbor crimes.  That was not the intent of our forefathers.   

George Zimmerman is a classic case sociopath …an easy pawn used for evil intent. In that sense, I believe that he [Zimmerman] would have done the same thing to a white (pink, yellow, orange) man…. He [Zimmerman] is a bully and all bullies are cowards that hide behind a bravado–in this case, a gun! In my opinion, he was acquitted mostly to send a message for “Gun Power!”

Sadly, as in most instances, the saying, “Follow the Money” holds true…and Guns are a multi-billion+ dollar business that the powers that be will not relinquish willingly!  It trumps race relations, small potatoes as compared to the almighty dollar. The root of all evil? Yes. Money is power since the beginning of time. These gun powerhouses use “fear” to “Divide and Conquer.” Isn’t that what they are accomplishing?  Let us not allow them that liberty; we need to band together. Focus on what “can be done,” what good can come of such a travesty… “United We stand; Divided We Fall.” 

With so much gun killing in our nation, there has to be a reason why this one, isolated case has so passionately captured the attention of the entire country.  “We the People” are being asked of something…greater than ourselves.  .  .To see through the muddied waters of evoking black vs white.  Yes, this is a Civil Rights issue, but this time it is not Black vs. White.  It is about making America safer for all people.  All parents want to feel safe with sending their children to school, walking home on a rainy night.  We all bleed the same. 

This is a loud call for action from all American citizens. Instead of more hate and separation, “the people” need to stand up and stand together–black/white/brown/yellow/purple/green–against this very real and evil menace called “Gun Violence!”  Then, Trayvon Martin’s tragic death will not be for naught.

I would further propose, in the hopes of successful legislation, sooner rather than later, at the least, a strict Gun “control” law should be dedicated: “The Trayvon Martin Gun Bill!”

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